Friday, January 15, 2010

Little Moments

Conversation with Riley at bedtime this week:

Riley: When Kace is bigger, he can sleep with me in my bed. When he's 3, like me.
Mommy: When Kace is 3, you'll be 7!
Riley: (In awe of "7") When I'm 7 I'll be as big as the sky.
Mommy: You can't be as big as the sky because then I can't hug and kiss you!
Riley: It's okay Mommy, you can hug and kiss me, I will have a button down here (pointing to ankle) and you can push it and I'll come down. And you can kiss me.

And we had a conversation about camoflage. He thinks it's "camel-fly" and has the nerve to correct me!! :-)

He's confusing "whipped cream" with "sour cream." So if my child asks for sour cream with his hot chocolate or cake, you'll know why.

We made a dessert with pineapple in it. He announced, "I ate a pinecone!" (Yuck!)

There are more. My brain just can't remember them right now.


jenn said...

I love those kinds of little moments. Keep writing 'em down when you'll enjoy being able looking back at them one day!

Julia Betts said...

What a little riot he is. I cannot wait to see him again and crack up at his little remarks.

I am so looking forward to the things Braden will say. I was in Target and heard a little boy telling his sister he played with Dorothy on the playground, but was quick to clarify it not Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Kids!