Friday, January 1, 2010

NICU Visits

Leave house (at least) 30 minutes before Kace's assessment.
20 minute drive to hospital.
Park, walk in, elevator up.
Get buzzed in.
Check in with NICU.

Scrub in--3 minutes of scrubbing hands, arms up to elbows. Using sponge, brush, soap, and nail pick provided.
(I have special soap because my hands were getting raw from washing, scrubbing, and using alcohol based hand sanitizer so much. Here is my kit until we find more packs with soap for sensitive skin.)

Wipe off camera and phone with antibacterial wipes.
Get buzzed in.
It's all worth it....there he is!!

Admire precious little one.
Take temp in armpit. He hates it.
Change diaper. He hates that too.

Nurse has bottle ready, it's time to snuggle and feed him.
Please drink at least 35 mL in 30 minutes...if you do that for 48 hours you can come home little punkin!

Can't get enough snuggling, especially when those little eyes are open!
Snuggle at least another 30 minutes. He likes to hang onto our fingers!
Bundle him back up and put him in his crib. We love you little man!

Russ always says goodbye to Braden and Reese when we leave.

We'll be back!!


TheKennedys said...

Just a sweetie! Have you met a nurse Dana Lynch? I had one of sons in my class. She is a NICU nurse where Kace is. She is so sweet. I pray he gets to come home soon!!!

Stephanie said...

Drink, little man!

Becca said...

Yay he's in the open bed! He is such a cutiepie.

sunshine said...

Well? How has the drinking gone? I SO hope you get to bring him home today!!!

Julia Betts said...

man I get tired reading this... and we get to do it for at least 6 more weeks! whew! miss you guys but are of course stoked you are home.