Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lucky 3

Today is 33 weeks and 3 days of my pregnancy journey. Not at all what I anticipated, but I'm certainly glad to be here. Today is my 68th day in the hospital and 5 days until we meet our newest addition. So many blessings, so many things to be thankful for, yet so much for me to sit and worry about.

So much buzzing my mind right now:

*My husband amazes me. Just when I think I couldn't love him any more, I do. I'm so thankful for him and the peace his presence brings me.

*Christmas is 9 days away. What a unique and blessed Christmas this will be.

*The people we have met here have made this difficult journey a pleasant experience. We have added to our "family" and have made friends we will have forever. Everything happens for a reason.

*My friends and family, once again let me repeat that I/we feel so loved, thank you. This is easier because of your prayers, visits, emails, texts, calls, gifts, meals, offers, hugs, and smiles.

*I love my OB/GYN! He brought me homemade cookies...with Reese's peanut butter cups. Who on earth gets cookies from their doctor? It's supposed to be the other way around, right? His wife made them, I love her too. What an amazing woman she must be to deal with her husband being pulled away by hormonal pregnant women day and night. Hats off to them!

*So sad to not do Christmas cards this year, but I just didn't want an older picture of the family and I didn't want a picture of me in a hospital bed, so I have high hopes for a baby announcement/welcome home card in the near future. I expect all of my friends to display it proudly for at least as long as our Christmas card would've been up!

*I'm not sure what to expect of this birth experience. It will be so different from Riley's birthday. We're praying for the healthiest baby possible, a safe delivery, and doctors and nurses to do their best. I'm getting worried about a c-section, though I know I'll be fine, I want to get home.

*I know it will be heartbreaking to leave our baby in NICU and go home, but I think having Riley at home to go to will make it a little easier. Not to mention that it's Christmas...

*I'm having guilty feelings about Christmas this year. One traditional gift for family (that I know they'll love), but I know they've done more for us that we did for them this year. I know they're not thinking that at all though, just me.

*I truly feel peaceful today. Thank you for the prayers and please keep them coming. Please pray for a safe delivery, a healthy baby, and for my family to transition back to normal, whatever that is. Does it exist?

*I'm more anxious than ever to find a church home for our family. No more excuses.

*God has a plan that clearly may differ from our own. It may hurt and we may not like it, but he will take care of us. This I know.

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Julie said...

Praying for you and your precious baby EVERY DAY!!! I couldn't agree with you more about God taking care of us when His plan is vastly different than ours. I've learned that myself this year, too.