Monday, December 7, 2009


Today is my 2 month anniversary here at the hospital and I thought a "What I've Learned" post would be appropriate and cover many bases.

What I've Learned on Hospital Bedrest:

1. God is good (I realize this now more than ever)!
2. My husband is amazing!
3. My son is amazing...and very resilient...and slightly manipulative (where his grandmothers are concerned)!
4. My mother is amazing!
5. My mother in law is amazing!
6. If you have a friend on bedrest, they need: food (not the hospital kind), a variety of lip moisturizers, books and magazines, movies, lotions, and lots of friendly visits (my family and friends have provided this and SO much more).
7. I like coffee before breakfast, not during or after.
8. Not to take pregnancy for granted. I will admit that I did with my first. I'm now much more aware of preemies, loss, viability, gestational development, fear, and blessings.
9. Nurses become your friends and family.
10. Fetal monitoring--accels, decels, variability, what a good strip looks like, how to put myself on and take myself off the monitor.
11. Drink more water.
12. If something isn't right, don't google it. Call a professional. Ugh.
13. My friends leave me speechless.
14. Thanksgiving isn't complete without cranberries.
15. I can't watch Sandra Lee anymore. You're clothes aren't supposed to match your kitchen, silly. Who does that?
16. I didn't expect to make friends here, but developed a special bond with a variety of people (patients, their families, nurses, doctors, housekeepers, and security guards). Russ said I would probably cry when we leave. He knows me well.
17. The secret to the French toast here (the best I've ever eaten) is a little nutmeg and some extra sugar. I asked.
18. I need to visit friends when they're in the hospital and get over my emotions regarding it all.
19. To be thankful for every day.
20. Babies=miracles.
21. I tend to pray more when I need to. I should pray more and tell God how thankful I am when things are good.
22. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
23. I miss the daily grind (but could change my mind when I get back to it)!
24. I didn't think I could do this, but I am!
25. I prefer to do things myself, but am so grateful for family and friends doing so much for me right now.
26. Take pleasure in the little things.
27. I have low blood pressure (but not in a bad way), A+ blood, and my normal body temp. is 97.
28. I'm pretty fond of having clean sheets every day/every other day. Too bad it'll never happen again!!
29. Ambien is a good thing.
30. I am so blessed.