Monday, January 12, 2009


Saturday was my day to knock out all of our holiday exchanges and returns. I accomplished that...and also managed to make myself feel a little granny-ish.

Need I say more? Ambercrobie and Fitch. You can smell it already, can't you? I think they must hire someone to walk around spraying their colognes like mad in there. Ick.

Anway, my brave mother ventured into A&F and bought Russ and I something for Christmas. She did well--we were both happy with her choices--until we tried them on and of course our normal size was way too tight (because we aren't 12).

I went in to just return the stuff-- Russ shouldn't need an XL in a shirt and I shouldn't feel like The Incredible Hulk in a medium! I saw Russ' shirt on sale and they had an XL. I started to call him to see if he wanted me to exchange or return, but I realized I couldn't even hear myself think. The music was so DANG loud we couldn't have had a conversation in there anyway. (By the way, I'm ALL FOR loud music).

While I was checking out, I had to intently stare at the girls lips, so I wouldn't miss a word (because I certainly couldn't HEAR her).

So, by the time I left, I felt like a fat, deaf granny. They must do that to keep us 30-somethings outta there. It worked--I'm not going back...except maybe to get a glimpse of the lovely men they have on their bags and posters.


rachael... said...

I just duck my head and run anytime I'm near that place...just crossing in front of it makes me feel old!!

Julie said...

You crack me up! That's exactly how I feel about that store and several others!

jenn said...

That is so funny! I felt the same way when I went into Hollister to get a gift card for Sierra, it was loud and dark.....I could hear or see.

LaSonja said...

I'm right there with you! I went with my nephew to buy him some jeans and could barely breathe. He said that the store makes the employees spray cologne every 15 minutes. As I checked out, I told the 2 kids behind the registers that I hope they don't work her too long b/c they will need a hearing aide by the time they are 40. They chuckled at me and I looked right at them without my usual smile and said, "No I am serious." I looked at my nephew and said next time I'm giving you cash & you can do this at your own risk! Sizing? Yeah, um do carry an XXXXXL-XL?!

Boyz3Mommy said...

Welcome to my world. Finally. Just took you a little longer to get there, huh?

raymond said...

All I care about is that you enjoy the posters and bags... modeling for them has been hard work and I'm glad to hear people appreciate it.