Monday, January 26, 2009

New Adventure

It's no secret I love to cook. I love going through recipes, planning meals, making the grocery list, everything! I've decided to keep a blog of what I cook, sort of a food diary.

I named it No Onions. The title is SO me! I hate onions and omit them from every recipe. I might even like you a little less if you DO like them! :-)


Boyz3Mommy said...

Girl, you do NOT like me less. I think this is a brilliant idea. I'm so glad you're doing this!! Now I need to see pictures of your creations too!! Yay you!

LaSonja said...

I'd like to join the NO ONIONS club with you. I will be the VP, K? I'm ready!

raymond said...

No onions! Do you have a recipe for onion rings with no onions? What about a Philly cheesesteak? You can't have that with no onions. I'm gonna have to seriously re-evaluate this friendship... Ok... I'll still like you.