Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Last Thing

Russ and I have decided to get moving. Running. The last thing in the world I would expect myself to do to keep fit. Dead last.

Well, I'm just home from my second "run." We're following a "walk three minutes, run one minute" (and repeat 6 times) plan. I even feel like I could've kept going this time. WATCH OUT! I do feel better than the first time though...I feel good (but you didn't hear me say that...I'm still not sure if I like this or not)!

Not sure if I would've made it without my iPod though. (I do get creeped out every once in a while and check behind me.) My favorite songs to run to so far are:

*PYT by Michael Jackson
*Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benetar
*What You Need by INXS
*Here it Goes Again by OK Go
*Lovers in Japan by Coldplay
*The Sweetest Girl by Wyclef Jean and Akon

I'm sure eventually I'll make a playlist for running/walking. So far, I just keep the tunes set on "random" and stop when I find something I like.

I hope I can stick to this! I admire all of the runner folks I know--maybe someday I'll be one too.


raymond said...
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raymond said...

My last comment referred to people effortlessly 'breeding' through mile 6 while running, instead of 'breezing' which is what I meant to say. U rock! Keep it up! Oh... Inxs??? Ur so 80's :-)

mbc said...

Well I guess we could admire people who are able to breed AND run, right? :-)

Love me some 80's!

Boyz3Mommy said...

Yay for you sweet Missy. I am SUPER proud of you.

rachael... said...

I started the same way, and actually came to enjoy it. Interested in doing the Capitol 10K in March??