Saturday, December 27, 2008

December Traditions

We decorate the house for Christmas after Thanksgiving....hopefully it's finished by Sunday night! Riley "helped" with the tree this year and had his first cup of hot chocolate to add to the festivities!

Russ does a fabulous job on the lights as usual. Riley helped him turn them on for the first peek. He was in awe of all of the Christmas lights this year.

A new tradition that we started this year is opening the first gift of the Christmas season on December 1st! Riley gets to open a big box of Christmas books. I put all of his Christmas books away with the decorations and on December 1, he opens them all again--books that he's had and new books we've added since last Christmas!

December 1 also brings forth The Christmas Calendar! Last Christmas, Riley loved it so much, we were still giving him two Skittles every day in March. We didn't know how to stop it!! Riley points to it often and says, "This is for after dinner." He loves counting from one up to the date. He's pretty strong up until "fifiteen, fifteen, fifteen..." (13, 14, 15).

This year, we thought Riley was ready to enjoy the Christmas movies we grew up on--Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. For us, it was officially the Christmas season when those movies came on t.v. Each of us enjoyed watching them this year!


jenn said...

I love your new tradition. It is such a great idea to pack up the Christmas books and open them the 1st of December. You are brilliant! We love the Christmas classic movies too!

rachael... said...

What fun. Gage was totally into Rudolph and Frosty this year, too. I have a feeling those will be his bed time songs well into the spring...

sunshine said...

I LOVE this tradition?? Why didn't I think of that? You are such a wonderful mommy!!!! :-)