Wednesday, December 31, 2008


While I'm confessing and all, I must own up to what I did yesterday.

Last night, I went to the grocery store late (9:00ish). What a pleasant place H.E.B. was on a Tuesday night! I was passing the bakery looking for an Angel Food Cake to go with my Chocolate Fondue I'm taking to a New Years Eve party tonight and stumbled across a blast from the past--Cream Horns, now with a new and improved fancy name--French Vanilla Twirls.

Well, it was all I could do to NOT open them there in the store, but that wouldn't be pretty, eating a cylindrical shaped object in the middle of H.E.B. at 10:00 in the evening now, would it?

I have self control....especially with food! (Though I do recall being 14 months pregnant and eating half of a bag of peanut M&Ms while shopping at Target--but I promise I have never eaten at the grocery store--unless Riley handed me a Goldfish.)

That is, UNTIL I was putting my recyclable bags in the back of my car and just happened to notice that they put the Cream Horns right on top!!

Can you guess what I did? I took them, along with my purse, to the front of my car and proceeded to GOBBLE one up on my way home. Like a food addict you see on 60 minutes, right? It's only bad if I don't tell anyone, right?


Boyz3Mommy said...

riiiight. and if you're not careful you'll end up looking like your best friend...who has all those sorts of binges all the time!! watch out!

rachael... said...

Please...the donut case is my first stop on any trip to HEB...a chocolate donut is the only thing that makes the grocery store bearable!