Thursday, October 2, 2008

Salt Lick (North Side)

Plan B tonight was Russ's great idea--The Salt Lick (at the Dell Diamond). It's new, we haven't been, and I wasn't cooking tonight.

We walked in just before 7:00 and were seated immediately. The food was great (sausage and brisket for me), cole slaw was fabulous as ever, and the potato salad....well, it had onions. Yuck. The iced tea should've been MUCH better than it was--a BBQ restaurant in Texas, c'mon!! It tasted more like the iced tea they serve the faculty in our school cafeteria. I've had better!!

Overall, dinner was great. The place was beautiful, but it wasn't the original. There's something about the aged-ness of the Driftwood location, the memories there, and it's history that make it special.

This Round Rock location is great if you're craving that Salt Lick BBQ sauce though...and not near as far as B.F.E.!!


Boyz3Mommy said...

Ewww girl, that IS BFE...all the way up there in those parts. I'm close to the orignal...yee-haw!

rachael... said...

Hey, I live in BFE, and we would now like to be referred to as "urban challenged." Incidentally, I think Salt Lick sauce sucks, but I seem to be the only Texan that feels that way.