Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

I turned 36 today. It just didn't seem like my birthday this year for some reason. I'm not afraid of 36 or anything, it just kind of snuck up on me. Is that a sign I'm getting old? It was a rather unusual week to say the least, but we pulled through as usual.

I finally picked a place and felt completely guilty about not taking Riley with us to celebrate. Being almost 3, he's not the most pleasant person to have around in public while we are trying to enjoy a meal. I couldn't think of any "kid-friendly" places that sounded good for my birthday dinner, so I chose an UN-kid-friendly place when my wonderful mother-in-law offered to babysit.

To ease my guilt, I stopped at a cutie little cupcake and coffee spot after work (Cupprimo) and picked up 3 cupakes for us to have BEFORE dinner. White on white for Riley, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip for me, and Chocolate Chocolate for Russ. We had candles in each one and sang "Happy Birthday" three times.

After the birthday celebration with Riley, we met Mom and Gary at Gumbo's.

The food and the wine were fabulous, the beer was nasty as usual (but only to Mom and I), and our waitress was spectacular. It was a lovely evening! Thanks to our parents who made it happen. It felt like a birthday after all!!


mkv said...

I just had to watch that five times because it was SOOO cute and made me smile in between typing conference forms!!!!! I love you and am glad it was a fabulous one. And now I must go watch it again. xoxo me

rachael... said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday to me!

queenoftheboys said...

How precious! Made me smile today!

Boyz3Mommy said...

I can't BELIEVE I didn't comment on this already! You are one lucky mommy to have such a sweet little Riley.

raymond said...

happy belated birthday! Sorry I missed it. I never realized how close we are in age. Enjoy your last year of 'mid 30s'