Sunday, October 5, 2008

Estes Park

We took the hour drive to Estes Park so that we could do some sightseeing in the mountains and I could see some fall color. First stop was a scenic overlook between Broomfield and Boulder.

That is a prairie its natural habitat--they were squeaking all over the place! It took us a while to spot them because we were busy enjoying the scenery!

We cruised around downtown Boulder and quickly drove through The University of Colorado's stunning campus.

We met Dennis and Nancy(friends we have that now live in Longmont) and were on our way to enjoy the drive to Estes Park. Along the way we stopped at Boulder Falls. It was breath-taking to see the mountains and the leaves changing color.

We arrived in Estes Park (a city, not a park)and they were celebrating their annual Elk Fest. Also there, the hotel where The Shining was filmed (and I wouldn't stay there if you paid me)!

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Susie said...

Ha! I would love to stay there. mwahahaa. I've been there, for a couple of hours, it's a beautiful hotel and that whole area is gorgeous. Those elk freak me out though because one of them jumped right over our car (while we were driving) onto the mountainside next to us. Scarier than the Shining I tells ya. Love your pics!