Saturday, February 16, 2008

Riley is obsessed with The Backyardigans. I'm not sure when the craziness started, but I think it was around Christmas.

Probably about a year ago, Mimi and G bought him a Backyardigans guitar (and we didn't know who they were) that sang a couple of songs that Riley really liked. He would dance to it. day we were watching t.v. and happened to pass them by. Riley got very excited and I stopped. He would dance around and just watch it for a few minutes at a time and call them "A yard."

At Christmas, Aunt Robbye and Uncle Mike bought him a car that was Backyardigans and didn't know. Robbye told Russ, "Here are the stickers we didn't put on it--they are some goofy looking animals."

NOW Riley has to watch Backyardigans every day when we get home from school. We have episodes (probably 16 of them) recorded on our DVR. On the way home from school, he goes through our routine...."Tahoe"......"Box" (that's the mailbox)......"Home"......"Dada work"........."Agains"......"Milk"........"Two" (yes, still from the Advent calendar. Can anybody help me with this??). He doesn't like to deviate from the schedule either.

We have Backyardigans on the DVR, a book, a pirate ship in the bathtub (and a two year old who says "Argh.", a sectioned plate, a jam box, a DVD, and I stopped myself from buying a Backyardigans sippy cup at the grocery store last night. Thank goodness.

Uniqua (pink)

Tyrone (orange)

Pablo (blue)

Tasha (yellow)

Austin (purple)

Some of the songs are really cute and Riley knows some of the words and will watch, sing along, and dance. After we watch 2 episodes, we tell him that it's over and he's okay with that. Though he probably would prefer "A-yard-gins" be on 24/7 around here

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Boyz3Mommy said...

SOOOOOOO cute. Sully is pretty hooked too. He couldn't watch it this morning and was NOT happy with the mama. I love your Riley stories.