Friday, February 15, 2008

Flying Jacob...the story

While in Sweden in 2004, our Swedish friends, Thomas and Lotta were planning a Swedish dinner for us, homeade! We stopped at the grocery store after a day on the town in Gothenburg and picked up a few items: peanuts, chicken breasts, bananas, whipping cream, chili sauce, bacon, etc. Okay, no problem!

Then we get home and realize that those ingredients were dinner. Yes, put them all together. I can handle each of them, but mixed together I'm not so sure.

Ugh...I'm such a picky eater. Russ is NOT really an out of the box eater either, but he likes less than I do I think (in his defense, he's definitely broadening his horizons). How were we going to tell our dear friends that we couldn't stomach this concoction?

There's Lotta in the kitchen, cutting chicken breasts, slicing bananas, and the worst part.....whipping cream and folding chili sauce into it. DISGUSTING.

Russ and I had dinner with our friends.....and surprisingly LOVED it. I had to have the recipe and I've made it a few times at home.
There's my story. I think you'll be surprised, just like we were.....pleasantly. The best part is the connnection we have to the makes us miss "The Swedes" even more.

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