Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rock out!!!

Last weekend was a busy weekend and I have something really important to write about, but not right now.

Last Friday, we headed to Circuit City to buy Rock Band. This was a big decision because we fell in love with Guitar Hero at Craig and Susan's house New Years Eve. How much fun can 30-somethings have on NYE? Well.....whip out the guitar and see for yourself!

I love music, but knew I would pretty much suck.....and I didn't. I even "rocked" a time or two. It takes a while to acclimate to the whole thing, but once you get it, you've got it.

We wanted Guitar Hero terribly. We were patient and didn't run out New Years Day to buy it--aren't you proud? Russ talked with a guy at work who said Rock Band was fun--AND it had a microphone and a drum kit along with the guitar. The fun just multiplied in my eyes.

We pondered, but not for long, and sucked it up and bought Rock Band. Drove home, put Riley straight to bed, and when I came down, Russ had it set up. Amazing! Robbye & Mike were in town and they came over with Thomas & Karol. We played until after midnight, which is late for a teacher lady/mommy like me and especially Robbye!! We all took turns singing, drumming, and strumming and I enjoyed every moment. We all played long enough to get "good" at it My mother in law even tried the drums and the guitar. Mike sang "Mississippi Queen" and from now on I'll think of him whenever I hear it.
Who would've ever thought I would be in a band with my husband and go on tour? Ha! Look for us in your town--The O'Mellies. Maybe I'll tell you where the heck we got that name in another post!

(I feel like a professional....on "easy" that is. I should be ready for "medium" in a few months!)


Boyz3Mommy said...

OHMIGOD....Lovin' it. That is just too much!!!!

mkv said...

That is TOO funny! ;) xoxo