Monday, January 7, 2008

High Expectations

Today I finally figured out how to comment on the blogs of my beautiful friends........they had no idea I'd attempted this blog thing until I signed in. What a dork I am for wanting so bad to tell them how much I enjoyed their writing. NOW they can read mine. Way to go. Get my blog off of yours, please. YIKES!

I haven't written since July, but I do check those 2 daily and boy am I disappointed when they haven't written anything new.

A little Riley moment that surprised me today:

He needed a diaper change and usually it's no big deal, but when he decides he doesn't need/want one, it gets kinda hairy. You know, the kicking/twisting/put his hands in it hairy that takes at least 4 hands to change? Well......Dada was doing the changing while I was doing the cooking and I hear, "Um, I'm going to need your help. Could you hold his hands or something?" (Yes, so he wouldn't put his fingers in his poop.) So I was distracting him by putting my hair in his face. He said, "Hands." ('cause he heard Dada say hold his hands) I grabbed them and moved them to a tune I made up on the spot....."d-d-d-d-d-d-diaper." Well I may has well have won a Grammy 'cause he loved it. The diaper change went smoothly and he continued chanting my little ditty.

Chicken Parmigana is cooking and Dada and Riley are on the backporch playing. I hear Riley singing his new diaper song and then he busts out with, "d-d-d-d-d-d-DOAK." Well.....that's our dogs name and I was completely impressed that he made the transfer from one "d" word to another. You ARE impressed, aren't you?

Now I'm getting off the dang computer to enjoy my evening alone watching the NCAA National Championship. Dada's watching somewhere with a friend and here I sit for hours on end.

I swear I'll get better at least I'll try.


Boyz3Mommy said...

Love Love LOVE!!! You're a natural kiddo!! Don't you stop!!

p.s. I've done that same diaper diddy situation a time or three...thousand :)

Love you!!

Boyz3Mommy said...

C'MON woman....get to bloggin'. I KNOW you've got stories to tell!!! I'm waiting. P.S. Had a pregnant dream. About you know who!!! I've been trying to leave you alone about it, but when I have the dream...well you know. AND I missed my exit to my HOUSE I think that was a sympathy thing! :)