Sunday, July 25, 2010

Put Me in, Coach!

Riley's first T-ball practice was today. He was so excited...and so were we. We've never played or practiced before (except in our front yard), so this was new on many levels.

The teacher in me spotted the youngest one on the team very quickly, my son. It was so obvious! One on one with a coach, he paid attention and listened better than I expected. He listened so well that he was "deprogrammed" from throwing underhand! We have lots of work to do, but our little guy made his mommy and daddy so proud today. I'll only choose a few of the 95 photos I took to share!!

*During fielding practice, Riley proudly got his coach's attention to show him that he could snap!
*He thinks he made a homerun because he ran base-by-base to home!
*He asked when he was going to get to play "over there" (which was first base--he was ready for some more action!)


Angie & Greg said...

I love the photo of Riley swinging at the ball, he is working hard! I also love that he is so proud of his snapping talent. It does not seem like he should be old enough to be playing ball - what a cutie!

Stephanie said...

These are the best times!!!

Boyz3Mommy said...

Oh, these pics are SO cute!! I'm so glad he's having fun. He's a big boy now!! Wow.

sunshine said...

I love the "tongue" concentration! He is such a happy little guy!

joven said...

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