Tuesday, August 10, 2010

best. dog. ever.

We said goodbye to our sweet puppy tonight. Doak went to play with his friends in Heaven. We knew it was coming, but that didn't make it any easier. We miss him already...

I'll miss your slobbery shaking self slobbering all over the walls. Thank you Magic Eraser!

I'll miss your soft, fuzzy ears and your black, velvety nose.

I'll miss the way you HAD to lay on someone's feet, the way you had to be where we were, better yet RIGHT under us.

I'll miss your pretty singing voice.

I'll miss Russ snapping to make you stop licking.

I'll miss you prancing around in your puppy boots.

I'll miss putting water on your food so you could lick up the gravy first.

I'll miss you laying on any blanket that just might be hanging off of the couch or the especially liked to lay on the comfortor when we changed the sheets.

I'll miss you barking when we are having conversations that don't involve you.

I'll miss you running to the door every time the doorbell rings AND when anyone says, "Who is it?"

I'll miss hearing you snore...and watching your legs run as you dream about chasing those cats!

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Stephanie said...

I'm so sorry, Missy! I know Doak was a part of your family. HOw is Riley?

Angie & Greg said...

There are no words that will make it any easier or make you feel any better. We are thinking of you all and are so sorry for the loss of your family member - Doak.

Julie said...

Oh Missy - I'm so sorry!! Our four legged babies are our first babies and such a huge part of our families. I'm thinking about you all and am terribly sorry for your loss.

Julia Betts said...

Wow, we need to appreciate Daisy more. Glad he is in puppy heaven.