Friday, July 10, 2009

Monaco--Day 5 (Part 3)

On our way down to Monaco, we stopped for this breathtaking roadside view.

Monaco is beautiful--very clean with stunning architectural details.

As we were driving the streets, we realized that a Formula One race was going on while we were there--we didn't expect that. Many roads were blocked off and race fans were everywhere! Tickets to the race were $600 and up. No thank you. The race is on the streets...and they're not very wide. It would've been fun to watch...and I'm NO racing fan.

We could hear the cars speeding by but couldn't see them. Russ found a crack in a barrier and videotaped them zooming by--you can hardly see them, but boy could we hear them. Vendors were lined up along the streets selling shirts, cars, food, etc. Not what I was expecting, but fun nonetheless!!

Here's a little history courtesty of Wikipedia:
*Estimated population of 33,000
*Smallest French-speaking country
*2nd smallest country in the world (2nd to Vatican City)
*It takes the average person 56 minutes to walk across the width of the country.
*Monaco is the name of the country as well as the name of its capital city.
*It is a constitutional monarchy and principality with Prince Albert II as its head of state.
*The House of Grimaldi has ruled Monaco since 1297.
*Though an independent country, Monaco's defense is France's responsibilty.

Hmmmmmm....I learned right along with you. Thanks for playing! Here are some shots of the castle--mostly from afar because of the races.

A few more parting shots in Monaco:

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