Thursday, July 9, 2009

Italy--Ventimiglia Day 5 (Part 2)

I hate that this picture isn't perfectly centered, but it's kind of funny! We were in the car and this is what I snapped as we zoomed by! The drive was probably an hour and a half from the villa to Italy (without stops).

This was my first glimpse of Italy. We stopped at the first town we stumbled on once we crossed the border--Ventimiglia. Rome, Venice, it is not. It may even be the ghetto--I don't care. I visited Italy!!

First thing's first--food! We spotted an outdoor cafe and had some espresso....

and some gelato...(pistachio and lemon for me, Tiramisu for Russ)Lotta had this dreamy number, the house specialty...and Thomas had Tiramisu!

We walked the streets to take it all in. The architecture was so beautiful and so different from France just an hour away. The colors were different, the feel was different.
I was admiring some beautiful pastas in one shop, but Russ reminded me that it would probably be crumbled to bits when we made it home. (I hate it when he's right!)

I had to get my feet wet in the Italian coast!

Next stop: Monaco!


rachael... said...

Picture from town with the mountains in the distance is fabulous...again, the rocky beach...and who knew Thomas was so tall??

Tina Russell said...

I KNEW THOMAS was so tall!!! Missy, post a picture of me and him from your wedding!! hahah. P.S. he's so tall I don't know if those are Russ's pants he's wearing, or some type of European Boy Capri-ish pants....

LaSonja said...

I love how the picture of the sign isn't it character. Phenomenal pictures...I'm glad you put your feet in the water...I would have never thought to do that!