Thursday, September 22, 2011

Real Estate

Today I went to Nana's house.  It's been "empty" for quite some time.  Mom's been going through the drawers and cabinets one by one for a while now.  Today I went to grab the china she gave me long ago.  And so many memories came flooding back.

 I walked through every room looking at all of her things spread out for the estate sale next week.  That was her life on those tables. 

Her sewing kit.  The sewing kit she used to make my clown costume and poodle skirt for 50s day.  The sewing kit she used to make the dress I wore to Mom & Gary's wedding. 

Her dishes.  The dishes we had Thanksgiving Dinner on.  The dishes we ate her famous spaghetti on. 

Her purses.  She always had a purse to match her shoes.  And a fancy purse for church on Sunday.

Her Ponds cold cream.  That's what Nana smelled like when she kissed me goodnight when I would spend the night at her house.

Papa's tools.  He was my original Mr. Fix It.  Now I have Babe and I'm so thankful he has that talent.

Papa's 8 tracks.  In a black case.  That we listened to going to Uncle Roy's for Thanksgiving (and every other occasion).  Merle Haggard.  Hits of the 1940s.  Marty Robbins.  Gospel Hits.  I knew every word.

What to keep?  What to let go of? 

Too bad I can't keep the smell of her Samsonite overnight case in there forever. Smells like Estee Lauder lipstick, Clinique powder, toothpaste, shower caps, and hotel shampoo.

Wish they were still there. Cooking, whittling, playing bridge, smiling, baking, mowing, laughing, watching National Geographic or the 6:00 News(Papa) or Guiding Light  or Murder She Wrote (Nana).

Now it's just a house.  Real Estate.  With tables of stuff.  Stuff that I don't need, but is part of me.  Stuff that filled a house with love. 


Greta said...

Love your post, Missy! So many sweet memories.

Boyz3Mommy said...

Gulp. I am so thankful that I got to be a part of that house for so many years. It was one of the happiest I've ever known. Love you. Love Nana and Papa. Love that old house.

Stephanie said...