Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let the Purging Begin

My house looks like a tornado blew through every room, every closet, every corner, and you get the picture. I'm ready to put things away, of course. But first I have this sickness where I have to clean out the closet...before the new things can go in there. And in that process, I manage to create even more chaos! Is it just me? inbox is out of control. I just deleted everything that didn't have a photo attachment and it feels great. I'm ashamed, horribly ashamed to admit that I just deleted 6400 emails from my inbox...

And I'm free!!!

121 remain, but they all have photo attachments. I'll weed through those another time. I'm thrilled to have a 3 digit number in there...especially one that starts with a 1!

(Yeah Babe, I'm still jealous that you only have one email in your inbox. Someday...)

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