Friday, June 25, 2010

And Along Came a Spider

I've missed gardening and watching things grow.  With a new baby at home and a whipper snapper of a 4 year old (aren't they all?), we didn't get around to planting anything in the backyard this year.  What is growing was tough enough to handle being ignored for quite some time...and a few freezes this winter. 

This week, I decided something back there should be watered and tended to.  I make a cup of coffee, take Kace out in his exer-saucer and he plays and smiles while I water.  I've enjoyed it.  Riley's slept in and he eventually comes out in his pajamas...which I love.

This morning while watering, I saw several spider webs...and of course they look so cool with drops of water on them, but his one I had to go in and get my camera for.

And along came a spider...MAN!

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Boyz3Mommy said...

hahahahahaha. I like Spider Man SO much better than that nasty looking spider - WOW!!