Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3 Months

Today marks our 3rd month with Kace and it's been a beautiful roller coaster.

It seems like it's been one thing after another...and I'm not complaining...I think.  Looking back on my pregnancy with him, it's been up and down constantly. 

Spotting X
First sonogram!
High protein count in blood=neural tubal defect X
3D sonogram to look for defect--all looks normal!
Leaking X
Everything looks normal--call if it continues!
Still leaking--back to doctor--admitted to hospital immediately X
Stay the weekend, get some IV fluids!
Just kidding, perinatologist says I'm staying until baby arrivesX
Meet great people in hospital, new friends!
Obsess over baby development and constantly worryX
Every day is a blessing!
As due date gets closer, worry about c-sectionX
Delivery date, no c-section!
Baby's feet turned in, look like they're "praying" X
It's positional, will be okay, not permanent!
Now constantly worrying about NICU baby X
Room in with baby!
Baby fails car seat test, (apnea) so no rooming in X
Baby comes home next day!
Mommy terrified to bring baby home--afraid of apnea episode X
We're all home!
Stuck at home, limit visitors, keep baby away from people (and their germs) X
Baby's growing, putting on weight!
2 month checkup doctor notices dimple and orders ultrasound X
Find out that spine is completely normal, NOT spina bifida!

Which brings me to today.  Today I feel peaceful, but I don't always.  I'm a worrier, just like my grandmother...and my mother.  I was so thankful to get the message about the ultrasound today on my voicemail.  If you know me, you know how I hate checking messages.  Today I checked and was happy to hear the news, "The ultrasound is completely, completely normal!" 

Thank you, God.


rachael... said...

What a roller coaster! At least there have been as many {!!} moments as {XX} moments! And many more {!!} to come!!! :)

Julia Betts said...

So glad another worry is put to rest. I feel so spent through this and am just clinging to the idea that every pregnancy is different... right?

You are a strong momma and have a wonderful blessing with your three boys. They better pamper you every day for what you have sacraficed ;)