Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2nd Annual

Last Spring Break, Greta and I spent a day downtown shopping and eating.  This year we continued the tradition and I enjoyed every moment.  Like last year, it was SXSW (and this year St. Patrick's Day too) so there was a fun crowd to add to the atmosphere. 

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, sunny and a little cool.  We started with some coffee on the patio at Austin Java.  I think we could have sat there all day...

We moved on to our next location and along the way snapped this one--I have a million pictures of the Frost Bank Building and will never tire of it.  I think it's a stunner! 

We were meeting Greta's sisters, a brother-in-law, and some of their friends' at Fado's for a green beer, but there were 7 of us and the cover was $15.  I wasn't impressed.  We stopped in another Irish pub for a margarita--ha!  Everyone had a beer but me. was green (ish)!

Our table was right across from these open doors and we could people watch while we listened to a one man show.  Life is good--friends, a margarita, music, and great weather!

Our plan was to go to The Driskill and have some 1886 Cake, but it was already 2:00 and we had things to do--like eat!  Off to South Congress and Mighty Cone....I'd been anxiously awaiting this one!

Mighty Cone.  Saw it on Food Network, I think and sounded right up my alley:  hot/sweet crunchy coating, avocado, chicken, or shrimp.  Man, it was as good as I hoped it would be.

While we were there, I had to snap a few more Austin photos: 



And what trip to South Congress would be complete without a visit to the original trailer in the trailer park?

(Another little something I've taken a million pictures of...hey, I have a soft spot for cupcakes and airstream trailers!)

We HAD to take this picture--look how skinny we are in the cupcake trailer!  Well, Greta looks skinny and I look normal, NOT like I'm still carrying an extra 30 pounds.

I'm already looking forward to next year!  Thanks for playing, Greta!

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tina said...

LOVE this post and LOVE me some Greta!! I'm so glad y'all do this together. What WONDERFUL memories you two are already making!!!