Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rileyisms (of late)

*We went to visit Justin (our nephew) at BAMC and Riley asked if Justin and his stroller (wheelchair) could sit next to him in the truck.

*Howdy Pardner (but only when he wears his cowboy hat)!

*While he sits on the potty, he tears a square of tissue, then tears it up into tiny pieces and tosses them into the toilet saying "I feeding the ducks!" (We did feed the ducks. Once. He threw the whole piece of bread into the water, so I showed him how to tear of little pieces.)

*"Come here little guy." he says to Dog (that's his woobie).

*"I don't wanna go!" (Go where?) "I don't wanna go Las Vegas!" (I went a couple of weeks ago.)

*After eating a bowl of cereal, he wants to "do a trick." That means he wants to drink the milk. Russ told him, "Let me show you a trick" and drank the cereal milk from the bowl.

*Rudy Petals = Fruity Pebbles (He loves cereal almost as much as his daddy!)


Julie said...

Those are precious Rileyisms! I just love the associations kids sweet, innocent and entertaining!

rachael... said...