Sunday, August 24, 2008

One Fourth

Meet Doak. He's 1/4 of the animals we have around here. Maybe the others will earn a post someday too!

Doak is 9 and Russ bought him from a roadside toothless wonder. Seriously. I love this dog as if I brought him home myself.

He loves to cuddle, has to be touching someone. The closer, the better.
He has old man hips.
He loves visitors.
He is the reason Magic Erasers were invented!
He has a serious underbite.
He loves to have his belly rubbed.
He loves to have his ears scratched.
He'd rather be with people.
He's tolerant of Riley. Sometimes.
He's something to look forward to every day when we walk in the door.
Doaky Boy.


Boyz3Mommy said...

I love him too. What a FABULOUS picture of Doak!! Mine will NOT let me take pictures. Freaks.

rachael... said...

Love the Doakster!