Sunday, May 4, 2008

Quotes from a Two Year Old

"Are you Mama?" = "Where are you Mama?" (He says this in the mornings while he's waking up, when he's ready for me to take him out of his bed.)

"That Mine's" = "That's mine." (And yes, it's driving me crazy that he doesn't put the possessive on the right word, but it makes me proud that at least one of them does. We're working on it!)

"Mell it, Mama." = "Can I smell it Mama?" (He wants to smell the coffee beans when I grind them.)

"My hoo hoo!" = "Be quiet--I want to sing this part!" (He sings the theme song to Two and a Half Men.)

"I gon gitchu Dada!" = "I'm gonna get you Dada!" (Playing with Dada)

"No home--Robbye's house" = "I don't want to go home, let's go to Robbye's house." (He's been saying this since our last visit to Robbye and Mike's--usually says it when I pick him up from school and we're getting in the car.)

"No, this way." (We have a backseat driver now.)

"A-yar-gins, please."= "Can we watch (or listen to) Backyardigans, please?"

"Hi Doaky Boy!" (He says this when it's been a while since he's seen Doak.)

"No Mama, no sing, my sing." = "Mama, you can't sing, I want to sing."

"I uh you Dada!" = "I love you Dada!" (Usually screaming this downstairs to Dada while Riley and I are reading books at bedtime.)

"Whoa, Dude" (This is usually in the car when we go over a big bump.)

"More tractors" (Please drive around and let me look for tractors until my tractor appetite is satisfied.)

"Eat time!" (When he's hungry or hears a kitchen timer go off!)

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Boyz3Mommy said...

You will be SO glad you wrote all of this down. I only did it for Fisher and I wish I would have done it for the other two also!!