Tuesday, May 20, 2008

If You Give Riley a Cracker

If you give Riley a cracker,

he's probably going to want a glass of milk to go with it.

If you give him a glass of milk,

he'll probably ask for "two."

"Two" will remind of The Backyardigans, so...

he'll ask to watch an episode (or 8).

If we watch one, he'll want to watch "Pirate Treasure"

and that will remind him of the Pirate Party we went to.

He'll say "Aaaaarg!" and grab his pirate booty bag.

His bag will remind of him of the hat he wore, so.....

he'll ask to wear a hat.

His John Deere Tractor hat will remind him

of The Ranch and he'll probably want to go.

He'll want to drive the tractor and see the cows.....

and if he sees the cows, he'll probably be reminded of a glass of milk.

I had this idea after reading the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series by Laura Numeroff. While reading each of the books to my class, I was reminded of Riley and how one thing leads to another. There is usually a connection in this crazy cycle, but not always. It old my kids I was going to write one. Here's my quick, off the cuff version.


Boyz3Mommy said...

PERFECTION my friend!! How sweet. I heard a bit of his "one thing leading to another" while I was talking to you on the phone today. I love that little man. You did GREAT Ladybug!!!

mkv said...

Too cute! Over the years in kinder we've written:

If You Give...

a Deer a Donut
a Penguin a Pink Purse
a Snake a Snickers
a Turkey a Taco
a Dinosaur a Dragon
a Fish a French Fry
a Lion a Lemon
a Cat a Cupcake
a Bear a banana


rachael... said...

Fun...I'll have to try!