Friday, July 6, 2012

We Have These Friends....

We have these friends who live in Sweden and we love them dearly.  I can't decide if I love them more or miss them more.....we don't talk enough, we don't email enough, they aren't on Facebook or Pinterest, so I can't get glimpses into their daily lives.  I wish I did.

But when we do get to see them, it's pretty wonderful.  Someplace wonderful, whether it's our home, there home, or somewhere far away.  We'll get there if we can. (Thanks Mom, Thanks Nunny!)  It's not as easy to get away as it used to be, but thanks to our Mom's, we have.

I found some old photos on disks and our 2nd trip to Sweden in May of 2005 was one of them.  I'm posting some highlights, mostly artsy fartsy stuff I like, but it makes me ache to get there, to see our friends....somewhere, anywhere.  Even though I just saw them a little over a month ago.  It is nice to constantly wonder about our next adventure though.....

So many wonderful things...people...feelings in this place for me.  Must go back soon.  Soooooon!

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