Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sea World

We started our Spring Break this year by driving to San Antonio Sunday afternoon, checking into a hotel (the boys' first time to spend the night in one), and having dinner with some good friends who now live there.

Our plan was to go to Sea World on Monday.  I was excited and a little stressed about taking the boys--worried mostly about Kace not getting a nap and how he would handle it.  We had nothing to worry about......
 Good Morning Sea World!
 Daddy and Kace off to go stand in the stroller line while Riley and I stood in another!

 Pushing Bubba out of "my strolla!"
 Saw some friendly faces we knew (that we weren't expecting to see)!
 The Azul show was Cirque de Soleil at Sea World.  Our favorite.

 Thanks for the only family photo, Susan!
 I love these indoor aquarium images.

 Wish the little one could've been still enough.
 So cool because Riley is researching sharks at school right now.  He was fascinated.

 We munched on gallons of lemonade, water and popcorn.  And lived to tell about it!
 Elmo & Cookie!!!  They weren't the only interesting characters we saw at Sea World either.....Can you say adults wearing swimwear with no cover-ups all day?    Seriously?  At one point, Russ said, "Babe....I'm glad you're going home with me and I'm going home with you, and these are our boys."  Yes, we're LUCKY!! :-)
 Shark encounter...
 The penguins were SO fast!  I think this was the only decent photo.
 Happiness is cruising in the stroller with my brother and giggling so hard and loud that people are turning around to smile at us!

 Sea lions were funny!
 Oh, that walrus was a cutie.
 Riley was too small for the big rides, but we had fun on this one!!

 Goodnight all, we had a wonderful day!
We were planning to stop and get a quick bite after we left.  We barely made it out of the parking lot before the little one was sound asleep.  Big brother was soon to follow.  They slept soundly while Daddy drove us home.  What a wonderful day!

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Angie & Greg said...

So fun! We have been thinking about taking David for his first trip to Sea World this summer. I think you convinced me!