Thursday, February 16, 2012


 Riley working hard finding the right Valentines for his friends in his class.  He even added a little hand-drawn heart to each one.  Sweet.
 We had fun making these little treats....and eating them.....and sharing them!
 Breakfast for my Valentines!

 I stayed home with a sick little Kace-man this day.  It was a good day to stay home and snuggle with my littlest Valentine.
 Kiss your brother!
 My little Valentines.  
Topped off the evening at home with a heart shaped pizza.  Delish!!


Angie & Greg said...

such an amazing mother you are... after having David I have even more respect for all that you give to your family!!

Boyz3Mommy said...

Angie is right. YOU. ARE. AMAZING. I barely scraped by and did some of what you do when I had one they don't get a darn thing!! Love you.

mbc said...

Wow, thank you, ladies. Those are some kind words! You might make me cry!!