Friday, December 30, 2011

Kaceism #1

It's been a long time. So much to say, so I'm not about to backtrack. That would be overwhelming, right? Kace is amazing me daily with the things he repeats, mimics, and tries to say. Some things perfectly and some things just a hair off. And I love it. He's at that age where he's saying some things wrong, but it's so cute that we want them to stay that way.

 When Riley was younger, he said "lasterday" instead of yesterday. I love it, still say it on occasion, and miss it terribly!

 Here's one of Kace's.


Angie & Greg said...

oh how I have missed your updates... this is a cutie you have on your hands!

Boyz3Mommy said...

Love this little guy. He's so cute and LOVE his haircup (remember that?).