Monday, July 18, 2011

The Deer Got Stuck by Riley

One morning at the ranch, Mommy was trying to take a picture of this tree and she saw a garden snake.
Then Mommy heard a noise that sounded like a loud goat. It was pretty loud, it sounded like "AAAAAAAH!"

Then she walked around and saw a deer. It was a baby fawn. The fawn was running into the fence and falling over backwards. It kept getting stuck in the fence. It couldn't get through, it was blocked.

Mommy put her hand over mouth and Daddy and I saw her. Daddy ran outside to help. Then I came outside to see what happened. We saw the deer running into the fence and falling on his back. He was saying "AAAAAAH!"

The mommy and daddy were out in the big pasture hiding in the bushes. The baby was in the little pasture. Oreo (a cow) was going to go over there and try to buck him.

Daddy climbed over the fence and picked up the baby fawn. Mommy and I were watching from the other side of the fence. Daddy brought him over so we could see him and pet him. Mommy petted him but I didn't. I didn't pet him because I was scared, he yelled, "AAAAAAH!" when I was trying to pet him.

Daddy spread the fence so the baby fawn could get out of the little pasture and get in the big pasture with his mommy and daddy. He said "AAAAAAH!" again and his mommy and daddy came running.

And guess what? The mommy deer jumped WAY over the branches of the big tall tree, alot of them, I mean alot.

Okay, this story's over.

*He spoke, I typed. I asked some clarifying questions for details and correct sequencing, but this is all him. I had this idea because when this happened, he was so excited to share the story with all who would listen. AND he wanted me to show the pictures as he was telling it each time. He would give me "turn the page signals!" Remember those? Needless to say, I'm pretty proud of my little storyteller!!


Stephanie said...

He is his Mama's boy!!! So cool

Boyz3Mommy said...

Um. I KINDA love this boy of yours. Can't WAIT to see him tomorrow. Oh and the mommy too, of course!

Angie & Greg said...

What an author he is... great Small Moment... and I love the end, The story is over!