Thursday, June 9, 2011


Husband is at work.
Baby is at school.
Almost Kindergartener just left to go to the ranch until Saturday with grandparents.

I'm paralyzed with freedom.
Do I stay home and relish in the silence? Well...the iPod is on shuffle and I don't have to worry about Jay-Z dropping the f-bomb OR The Killers singing about his boyfriend that used to be his girlfriend...and that's NICE.

On one hand it's glorious. On the other hand, it's not.
As a mother, my kids are constantly on my mind, whether they're by my side, in my house, or otherwise. When I'm with them, I'm often fantasizing about my next "break." When I get that break, I enjoy it, but thoughts of them tend to monopolize. It's crazy!

Meanwhile, here I sit. Paralyzed with freedom. Where shall I begin?

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