Saturday, February 5, 2011


The morning after...the snow day. There are remnants on the roofs and in the flowerbeds in the backyard and it's still really cold. Kace is happily eating banana pieces in his high chair, Riley is coloring Toy Story pictures at the table, and I'm cleaning up the kitchen (for the first time today).

Riley says, "Mommy, when Kace is 4, I'll be 8. And when Kace is 8, I'll be 10?"
"No, you'll be," and we count it out on my fingers "12!"
"And when Kace is 12, I"ll be.....16!"
"And when Kace is 16, I'll be....20! Just like you, Mommy."
"YES! Just like me."
"How old are you, Mommy?"
"I'm 20, Riley!"

I did confess the truth a few moments later. Think he'll remember?

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Stephanie said...

Sweet! My kids used to do that all the time. NOw they are 11 and 6 (boo hoo hoo) and they know EXACTLY how hold I am (another boo hoo hoo)