Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Goodnight Sweetheart

Our usual bedtime routine consists of bath, Mommy or Daddy reading 3 books, Riley reading 1 book, scratch Riley's back, tell him goodnight, and walk out the door. One night earlier in the week though, he wasn't being very nice and after a few warnings, I ended up only reading 2 books and not scratching his back.

He was very upset when I left and didn't respond when I said, "I love you sooo much." Normally I get a gratuitous response at the very least.

While this is going on upstairs, Russ is giving Kace his last bottle of the evening After Kace finishes, Russ puts Kace into his crib and walks into Riley's room to say goodnight (he is now calm and settled). While Russ is in there, I hear Riley say(over the monitor), "Daddy, will you tell Mommy I love her sooo much?"

My eyes welled up with tears. It made my year! Sometimes, just when you think they aren't listening, they pleasantly surprise you in the most wonderful ways!

I snapped these pictures of both of our sweet boys that night as they were sleeping.

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rachael... said...

Love it! (and wondering how on earth you have time to read 3 books every night???)