Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thank You and Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you Riley for making me a Mommy.  I never knew love like this...
Thank you Kace for making me a Mommy of 2.  Thank you for teaching me to not take motherhood for granted and making me realize what a special gift it is.
Thank you Russ for being a wonderful Daddy and husband.
Thank you Mom for always going above and beyond for me.  You always have, even when I didn't deserve it....and thanks for loving my boys.
Thank you Nana for making me feel as if your home was also mine.
Thank you Karol for being a mother-in-law that I enjoy...and thanks for loving my boys.
Thank you to my Mommy friends.  Thank you for leading the way, sharing your stories that made me laugh and cry, thank you for listening.  To my Mommy to be friends--I hope I can provide the support for you that my friends have provided for me.  It's an amazing journey!

It takes a village...and I couldn't do what I do without my family.  Through the frustration, worry, exhaustion, and lack of sleep, my life wouldn't be complete without my two boys.  They have taught me so much about life, about teaching, about myself, and others.  I learn every day from them.  Every day I want to be a better person for them.  I want to make them as proud of me as I am of them.  I love you and I'm so proud to be your Mommy!

(We had to get home from Chicago so I could snuggle with my boys on Mother's Day...spit up and all!)

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tina said...

that is a GREAT picture!! happy mother's day to you. you are an AMAZING mom and even though i may have become a mommy before you, you've taught me more than i could ever teach you.

love you. always.