Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nice and Cannes--Day 2

I woke up with the sun...and the landscaping crew, thankyouverymuch. Russ managed to sleep through it all!
(Morning view from the inside of our guest house)

I checked the main house and the door was locked (found out later it wasn't, it was just difficult to open). I was starving because I didn't eat much on the plane and the last good meal I'd eaten was in Chicago at Macaroni Grill in the airport. All there was to eat were a few energy bars in my backpack from the flight, some Pelligrino, and some Cars (a Swedish candy that Lotta brought me). I was ready to find out what I missed last night--I needed someone to wake up too!

Day 2 started out with Tiffany needing some emergency care--the night prior she'd been mosquito bitten and was having a bad reaction to them. This morning, her fingers were doubled in size and her bites looked like burns that had turned into water blisters. They were on her face, her hands, her legs, feet, everywhere. They hurt. Turned out, the doctor seemed to think they were the bite of a jumping spider. Niiiice, right? Well, a few days later, we'd all been bitten but none of us had the severe reaction that Tiffany did. She got some potent bug spray and antibiotics to remedy the situation.

The rest of us spent the day at the pool. Ipods and an outdoor speaker saved the day--Bob Marley and Public enemy come to might right now. Rose (rose-ay) for me, Kronenberg or Heineken for Russ, and snacks along the way. Lotta's mother (Margaret) and her husband (Hans) would be joining us for some afternoon sun and dinner.

(Tiffany and Margaret)
(Anna and Dick)

Anna and Dick went to the store to pick up dinner for all of us. They are amazing cooks, both of them. They got to cooking inside and Russ started cooking outside to prepare the feast!

(Russ)(Lotta and I)

The guys moved a table to the roof of the poolhouse for our dinner--a perfect location. The view was stunning.

(Dick and Russ)

After dinner, we slowly progressed and prepared to go out in Cannes--my first night, everyone else's second! I was looking forward to it, not knowing what to expect.

(View at dusk)
(Russ and I)
(Lotta and Thomas)
(Dick and Russ)

Marcus, Tisa, Jonas, and Patricia already had this fabulous table at Mocca. There were 4 outdoor tables...and ours happened to be directly across the street from Cannes red carpet!
(Tisa and Lotta)
(I have no idea who this is)(Jamie King--it took us forever to figure out who this was, but Tiffany saved the day. Never heard of her, then we got home and she's in Gary Unmarried--I love that show!) (Anna and Tiffany)
(Russ and I)
(Anna and Lotta)
(Lotta and Thomas)
(Thomas and Russ--disappointed in his choice of girly drink!)
(We're on the red carpet!)
(Thomas and Lotta)
Marcus informed us that the first red carpet wasn't the REAL red carpet (though we'd seen photogs and celebrities on it taking their photos). He walked us to the REAL red carpet, which had a seated security guard, ropes, and a Rottweiler. Russ moved the barricade and stepped on it. Just as the security guard let go of his big dog and headed our way, I snapped a picture of him--not the dog, and we were on our merry way. Ugh.

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rachael... said...

What fun...and you wore a dress! :) Can't wait for Day 3...