Friday, July 6, 2007

I'm a Mommy now and so many fun things happen on a daily basis--things I'd love remember and things I'm sure I'll want forget. Maybe a blog is a great way for me to keep track of our goings on and thoughts.

Today was a stay home day with Riley. He didn't sleep so well from 4-6, so he slept in this morning. I had a cup of coffee without sheilding it from him! What a treat. I had some quiet, alone time this morning.

This afternoon Mom, Gary, and Nana came over. Riley reached for Mom as I was bringing him downstairs and gave her a hug--made her day! He always goes straight for Gary (Gary responds to Riley's every whim) and will hardly step away from him. Before Nana left, Riley reached for her. What a wonderful moment for us all. Nana is 89 and had stroke in February. She is doing well now, considering. She's so different now, I wonder if it's hard for her to remember the things she used to do. She's thin now too.....I was so used to my "chubby" Nana. I love her either way.

We enjoyed their visit. No pics of it, though. Why did I do that?

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